Merline Travel Gloves

your personal travel accessory

State of the art travel gloves

•In the color and print of the outfit, with the finishing of a select accessory

•Soft, ultra-thin, breathing, anti-bacterial

•Maximizing touch sensitivity, enabling smartphone use

•Seamless, proper fit to skin

•Washable, durable

Unlimited possibilities in coatings

anti-bacterial for maximum hygiene

moisturizing and other hand care coatings

Ultra-thin seams + significant reduction in number of seams

new glove pattern

perfect fit


maximum tactile sense

Original & creative design


Merline Travel Gloves are made of world class Belgian fabrics.

Thin: maximum functionality of the hand, incl. touch screen

Printable: personalization and flexibility, printing logos, perfect match with accessories & looks of the outfit


Washable at 30°

Soft: “hugs the hand”


Shipment boxes are made of eco-friendly material.

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