Behind the brand

Merline is a Fashion Tech company, established 2014 with headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium.

Leveraging our in-house developed manufacturing process technology WelTecs, we bring to market stylish smart accessories.

Driven by a specific demand for all-season hand protection on-the-go, Merline started development a few years ago: a unique fusion of contemporary functional needs – think of maximal touch sensitivity, second skin, touch screen – and a trendy accessory with explicit Merline branding.

Made in Belgium

From the high quality frabrics to the production and finishing of Merline Travel Gloves, the full production cycle is managed out of Belgium.

Thanks to a blend of

  • Premium fabrics
  • Disruptive technologies
  • New design

we achieve a unique product. Worldwide unseen. Anti-bacterial coatings and microcapsules incorporated into the yarns, provide an extra protective factor.


Merline key values are innovation – starting from a customer need – high-quality and sustainability, driven by localised production by means of digitization and automation. ‘Local’ as in ‘close to consumer’, while focusing on world cities and international metropolises.

We cherish socially responsible business throughout the whole value / supply chain of Merline Travel Gloves.

Quality Assurance

As we cherish quality and sustainability, Merline Travel Gloves are meticulously taken care of to guarantee the highest quality for creating your perfect travel accessory.